Thank you wishes for coronavirus helpers

Thank you wishes for coronavirus helpers:- Thank you wishes for coronavirus to our doctors, nurses, police man, NGO workers, supply the good food workers, farmers etc.

Last week, Google released a simple and moving ad thanking healthcare workers around the world for combating COVID-19. The company is now continuing that praise by saying thank you to all coronavirus helpers with a series of Google Doodles over the next two weeks.

Google Doodles: Thank you coronavirus helpers

April 6: Public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community

  • April 7: Doctors, nurses, and medical workers
  • April 8: Emergency services workers
  • April 9: Custodial and sanitation workers
  • April 10: Farmworkers and farmers
  • April 13: Grocery workers
  • April 14: Public transportation workers
  • April 15: Packaging, shipping, and delivery workers
  • April 16: Food service workers
  • April 17: Teachers and childcare workers

April 18: Google has one final Doodle in the “thank you coronavirus helpers” series that rotates between essential workers from the last 10 illustrations. In a post, the company explains how this effort “came together in a matter of days” — instead of the usual “months (sometimes years!) of planning and development.”

Messages for Doctors

  • Thank you so much for making me feel happy and healthy at every stage of my life. You have no idea how great you make me feel. You are a wonderful surgeon who truly cares.
  • Thank you for standing by me during this trying time in my life. I’d like to let you know that my physical and mental conditions have remarkably improved since the surgery. I’m so grateful for your excellent care.
  • Thank you for keeping our hope alive during this stressful time when I had lost all hope of getting pregnant. Words are not enough to express my happiness and gratitude. You are such a reliable and respected obstetrician.
  • Thank you so much for being extra careful about my health condition and general well-being. Throughout my stay at your clinic, I had no doubt I was in competent and caring hands. Thank you again for providing excellent care to every person admitted to your fertility center. You’re truly the best!
  • Thank you for making a big difference in my life. You’re really a rare oncologist! I’m lucky to have met you.
  • Thank you so much for being a positive influence on my life in so many ways. I’m seeing great improvement in my physical and emotional well-being. I would like you to know that I’m very pleased with the outcome of my surgery.
You are truly the best!
You are truly the best! | Source

Messages for Nurses

  • I just wanted to say thank you for making my treatment bearable. The positive impact you had on my life when I was admitted to your clinic is immeasurable. Thank you for everything that you did to treat me. You’re truly an extraordinary nurse!
  • I was extremely lucky to have such caring nursing home staff standing by me when I was ill. You made visiting and staying in the hospital as enjoyable as possible. Thank you so much for always putting your patients first.
  • Thank you for your excellent care. When it comes to answering questions, giving emotional support, and giving medical advice, you are the best. Thank you again for keeping me in your thoughts before, during, and after hospitalization.
  • Thank you so much for paying such close attention to my health. I’ll always be grateful for having someone like you close to me. You are awesome!
  • Thank you for being a caring nurse. You are truly the best!
  • I cannot thank you enough for always keeping my family members informed of the status of my health. Thank you for everything you did to keep me alive.
  • Thank you so much for supporting and comforting my family members whenever they were at your hospital. I’ll never forget the above-and-beyond follow-up service that we received from you after [her/his] hospitalization.
  • Thank you so much for giving my mother-in-law the excellent nursing care she deserved. She had a wonderful experience in your nursing home.

Thank You Messages For Doctor: Thanks a lot to all the doctors, nurses and everyone who fought our battles of life and death with us. Whenever we need any medical help you were always there for us and we will always remember your efforts for humanity.
You cure all of us without discriminating us into caste, Creed, and culture they say whenever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.
With your enormous efforts, we were able to fight some deadly epidemics like InfluenzaPolioChickenpox, etc.

We are still fighting to a new pandemic CORONA Virus (COVID-19) with all your help and support. God has no religion and you all are the examples. you have the heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts.
well not all superhero wear caps some wear stethoscope too 
You all are heroes to us and unsung heroes of humanity.   

Truth be told, they deserve endless Thank Yous from all of us whose lives have been positively affected by their tenderness, resilience, and skillful professionalism.

Below are some heartfelt Thank you messages for our Nurses and Doctors.

Thank You Messages For Doctor

  • You have my maximum respect, and I want to appreciate you for all the awesome things you do to give people a second chance to live.
  • Your thoughtfulness and thoroughness contributed to speeding up my healing process. I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case. Thank you, doctor.
  • Let me take out a moment in my busy life to send a thank you note to a very amazing doctor who is full of love and commitment.
  • Months ago, I was confined to a sickbed. Your reassurances and prompt medical attention were the tools that God used to restore me back to health. I won’t fail to thank you wholeheartedly for coming to my rescue then.

For All The Support You Offered To Me Emotionally, Psychologically, And Medically, I Want To Say A Huge Thanks To You, Doctor. May Your Well Of Abundance Never Dry Up.

  • It was a great privilege and an unforgettable experience to have met you. I am filled with immense gratitude to you for all your sacrifices.
  • I doubted your ability thinking that you were too young to know what to do. It turned out to be a huge error on my part. My baby is fit today because of you. Thank you so much, for all you did for us.
  • Doctor, your kindness was true, my saving grace on that fateful day when all I felt was the pain. Pain killers did little, compared to your consistent show of concern to see me better. Thank you.
  • I was undeserving of your care after shouting at you out of my cluelessness. Yet, you showed me respectable maturity by discharging your duties to the best of your ability. I thank you for being a shining star.
  • The strength in your voice was enough to ignite hope in my sick husband. You calmly explained to us in simple terms, all that we needed to know about his health condition. Thank you!
  • You may not know how much what you do means to us. This is us saying, “Thank you, and may God bless you infinitely.”
  • You are not called a doctor for nothing. You possess this strength of character, the goodwill and the killer smiles that can make sickness leap out of a body with joy. I truly admire you and hope that one of my sons will become a doctor someday.
  • The hospital was lonely and strange the day I was admitted. You made it a lively place to be with your humorous jokes. Thank you, doctor.

Thank you Doctor wishes

  • You stepped into our ward and became the life connector that we all needed to survive. Thank you, doctor, for your infectious smiles and positive spirit. They brought health back into me.
  • Dear doctor, you showed me that despite the lack of strength and in the face of fatigue, a truly committed doctor will never give up on his patient. Thank you very much.
  • You committed all you could in time, experience, and words to ensure that I got a new lease to life. Today, I owe my life to you. Thank you for everything.
  • The way you regard your patients like they are the most important persons in the world is especially commendable. Kudos!
  • I really admire your dedication to service and want to thank you for your acts of compassion.

When We Were Told That My Wife Was Told She Would Give Birth Through A C-Section, We Least Expected It To Be Less Dramatic. Sooner Than We Imagined, Our Healthy Child Was Born. We Are Grateful To You. Thank You!

  • Of a truth, not many doctors can combine professionalism with grace. Words are insufficient to describe the amount of awesomeness you displayed while attending to my mother.
  • Thank you, doctor, for being so kind and nice to us. You have certainly changed our lives for good.
  • It took you several years of study in school to become the person of relentless resilience that you are. It isn’t enough that you practice medicine; you do it like it is your life’s calling.
  • Thank you for the sacredness with which you discharge your duties. I am really proud of you, doctor.
  • Sending you our heartfelt thankfulness for caring and comforting. Your presence holds a positive vibe that is more powerful than your prescribed medicines.

Medicines Can Cure, But A Good Doctor’s Inspirational Words Can Give The Strength To Fight From Within. Thanks For Doing Just That.

  • To me, you’re a magician, a great physician, a special gift from God. Thank you so much for all your contributions and efforts that you do to keep us well.
  • Countless thanks to the entire doctor’s who are working day and night for keeping us in the pink of health. Wishing them heartiest gratitude for their greatest contribution.
  • Not many people have a chance to say they have as great of a doctor as I do. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and I’m so happy I’ve found a doctor like you.
  • Thank you so much for doing a great job for us. You’ve always been successful to keep our spirits up and maintaining good health.
  • Your wonderful treatment and loving care have shown results doc. I feel as fresh as a daisy now bursting with good health. You deserve my heartfelt thanks. May the Lord shower His blessings!
  • An apple a day keeps a doctor away. But who wants to keep good doctors like you at bay? Thanks for helping me out with the doctor.

You’re Such A Wonderful Doctor And You Always Make Me Feel So Safe. Thank You For Being The Best Doctor For Me.

  • It wasn’t the medicines, but your reassuring words gave me the strength to pull through my illness. Thanks, doctor.
  • Being in a hospital is a terrible experience, but you made me feel like home. Your caring and extra effort to make your patient comfortable is truly remarkable. Thank you, Doc!
  • You’ve been such a kind and caring doctor for me during my time of need. Thank you for doing everything that you do and helping me during a hard time.
  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warmth with which you treated me to good health. May God bless you, doctor.
  • Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing me so much care and concern.

No Matter The Illness Is, Against A Doctor Like You, They Get No Chance. Thanks For Being Such A Kind Doctor And Being Patient All The Time.

  • Sending my gratefulness to the best doctor I’ve ever seen. You’ve given me a new life. Thank you for your excellent treatment and also grateful for your friendly staff members.

Thank You Notes To Doctor

  • I am sending this note to send my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks for easing my pain and thank you for encouraging me when I was down. You have done what medicine along the would not have done. Continue to be a blessing to others through your profession.
  • Other doctors simply treat their patients with medicines but forget to do the most important thing which you do – help them to move on with their lives with motivating words and inspirational thoughts. Thanks for everything doc.
  • No words are enough to appreciate the service you do. You as a doctor and the staff at your clinic has been really helpful and supportive. Thank you for all your service.
  • As a doctor, you’ve gone above and beyond everything, I ever would have expected. The world would be a much better place if all of the doctors were like you. Thank you so much for everything that you have done.
  • Because God could not be everywhere he made sure that we have doctors like you who have the gift of healing mankind. I am so thankful to you for treating me so tenderly. I feel very healthy now. Thank you so very much.
  • A patient’s testimonial is less of a recognition of a doctor’s professional expertise, and more of a recommendation of a doctor’s ability to listen, care and heal. I can vouch for the fact that your abilities are unmatched. Thanks, doctor.
  • Having a doctor like you is something that nearly everyone wants, but many people never get to experience. You’ve been so good to me and helped me through all of this time. Thank you for being the best doctor!
  • Your great explanation of my illness and giving me hope that I can recover gave me the strength to face this life’s challenge. Knowing that you are my doctor, I feel safe. My trust and confidence are always with you.

I Sincerely Thank You For Making Me Feel At Home When I Felt Uncomfortable In The Hospital Environment. I Believe That You Are One Of The Best Doctors In The World. God Bless You!

  • Doctors are always busy and in a hurry, but whenever I visit your clinic you give your sincere and undivided attention. Having an appointment is always worth the visit. Thanks for your humble cooperation!
  • Thank you for being so much more than I ever would have thought I could find in a doctor. You’re an amazing person and you’ve made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful to you.
  • Good doctors understand responsibility better than a privilege and practice accountability better than business. Thanks for being one such doc.
  • Many of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to also to recommend you as a great human being. Thanks.
  • More than a good doctor, I value the fact that you were a good listener. More than being just professionals, I value the fact that your staff’s attitude was exceptional. Thank you.

The Very Thought Of Hospitalization Is Scary And Traumatizing. But Caring Doctors Like You Make It Friendly And Pleasing. Thanks For Your Effective Analysis And Diagnosis. Else, I Would Never Have Been Able To Continue Living A Life Of Bliss.

  • Thanks for teaching me the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnoses illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to recover.

Appreciation Messages For Nurses

  • You are a nurse, a caregiver and the one who tended my wounds when I was helpless and sore. I owe my wellness to you. Thank you.
  • Here I am, saying thank you for the way you cared for me with compassion.
  • Your smiles were reassuring, and your faith was strong enough to pull me into believing that I would make it out, alive. Thanks, nurse, for your immeasurable kindness.
  • You are a kind man. There are not many male nurses around but you have proven to be one with a remarkable difference. Thank you for being humane, and for checking up on me frequently while I was on admission.
  • Every day, and on a round-the-clock basis, you make immense sacrifices to ensure that our health centers and hospitals aren’t devoid of bits of help whenever we call in sick. Thank you.
  • Dear nurse, it is impossible not to remember all that you did for me when it was as though all hope was lost. Thanks and God bless.
  • I have encountered many health care personnel who were not willing to go the extra mile in providing care. Not so in your own case. Thanks for your extra care for me.
  • You made sure that I was comfortable during my stay in the hospital. I really appreciate your mighty show of warm-heartedness. Remain blessed.

I Don’t Want To Wait Till Nurses’ Appreciation Day To Thank You For Being My Children’s Most Loved Nurse. You Are The Reason They Get All Excited To Make Dental Visits To The Hospital.

  • I appreciate the way you make out time to play with my baby in the hospital. You are the best nurse!
  • Contrary to popular belief, nurses are one of the most sacrificial persons on earth. You give a lot that is way beyond your salaries without complaints. Thanks for all you are.

Thank you messages for nurses

  • From the depth of our hearts, we as a family, want to thank you for being the best thing that has happened to us, and to the human race in general.
  • When we take stock of all that you do for our pregnant women, for our sick babies, for our sick and elderly, and for the rejected and lonely, we have no choice but to humble ourselves to say, “Thank you, very much.”
  • I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the cheerful nurse who saw what I needed to come back to health and gave it to me from her nurturing heart.

Lovely Nurse, You Saw I Needed Attention And A Listening Ear, And All You Did Was To Give Them To Me. Unconditionally. Thank You, And May God Bless You.

  • When it comes to expertise, I have never seen a more skillful and dedicated nurse like you. You multitask efficiently, a clear indication that you are a very capable hand. I am really awed by all you do. Thanks for your excellence in service delivery.
  • While I was away and worried for the state of my daughter’s health, I didn’t know you had already made plans to stay with her until my return. Thanks for being so kind.
  • To say I was moved to tears by your care is an understatement. I will forever remember your kindness, and will always repay you in many ways till my last breath. Thank you, nurse.
  • Your profession is an honorable one, and you are an honorable nurse, too. I am super grateful to you for taking good care of my grandmother.
  • Amidst chaos and noise, you still retain your coolness and manners in handling patients. It is a thing of pride to have your kind in our hospital. Thank you!

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